A different approach to recruitment


Hiring great talent is a big challenge for most small businesses.

Entrepreneurs often struggle with:

  • a lack of time
  • a lack of funds
  • difficulty attracting the best talent

So when we asked our clients what they wanted from an ideal recruitment service, we knew we needed to build ours on top of 3 core ideas…

1) Transparent, fair pricing

We offer a fixed fee service for junior roles up to £25k salary, and affordable rates for all other salary ranges.

Base SalaryFee
less than £25k£499 fixed fee
£25k – £30k10%*
£30k – £50k12.5%*
* % of annual salary. All fees are ex VAT

2) No Commission

Lots of recruitment agencies compensate their staff with commission payments when they place a candidate.

We don’t. Because we believe that if we did, we’d be giving our team the wrong incentive.

We believe that we can get you the best results by partnering with you strategically. That means understanding your business and getting you the right candidate – not just any candidates.

3) Our mission

We’re here to help our clients grow.

As experienced entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the stages of growth that owners and their companies go through, and the challenges they’ll face on the way.

We bring all that experience to our Recruitment and HR work – from organisation design and planning, to role definitions, candidate screening, interview support, and employer brand considerations.

And we combine our recruitment expertise with the expertise of our other services areas (Finance, Administration, Operations, Technology, HR, Management, and Leadership) to provide an overall capability that sets us apart.

Need help building your team?